Thank you for picking it up!

I am happy to be able to share this project with you! Enjoy the cup, these cups are all food safe. 

Please let me know the current location of the cup (town/city no detail address please) by submitting the form below.  This process is anonymous.

Since the idea is to be shared by many people as possible,  I like to encourage you to pass this on after for a while or whenever you feel like you are ready to do so. You can give it to someone who wants it or leave it somewhere with a note so that it can be picked up again. 

Thank you for participating!

Current / Past Cup Locations

Birmingham, UK

Boston, MA

Brighton, MA

Malden, MA

Roslindale, MA

Watertown, MA

Newcastle, ME

Fayetteville, AR

Oberlin, OH

Kansas City, MO

Glasgow, Scotland

Islington, London

Kensington, London

Kanagawa, Japan

Tangier, Morocco

Tel Aviv, Israel