The shareware is produced with the open build Delta 3D ceramic printer that I recently put together. These pieces are created with the shared 3D files available from sites such as Thingiverse, 3D Warehouse, Autodesk etc. They are re-mixed and manipulated into vessel forms with the open source software, Blender. This project is non-commercial and it is intended to celebrate the file share, open source environment. I am enthusiastic about the open source communities and their resources. They greatly impact on my practice as a ceramicist and advances my work. My remixed stl files are shared below. I also will be sharing the completed ceramic vessels. I will also be randomly placing these vessels in the city for adoption. You may come across one of these someday...

If you happened to have one of the share ware vessels, check out this page.


Shareware cup models and more info. about cups

1. Skull     download stl file


2. Strawberry Cream     download stl file


3. Gourd     download stl file

shareware gourd