Pixel Mosaic Portrait

In our contemporary world, mosaics are not just ceramics, stone, and glass, they are also digital. In some respects, the meaning of mosaic has changed over time. Mosaic used to be a technique to reveal design and imagery, yet the idea of the digital mosaic in contemporary society is used almost in an opposite manner. It is used to obscure nudity, obscene gesture or identity. I am intrigued by the contrast of its connotation, and it has inspired me to create this body of work. As the Romans created mosaics of daily-life scenes such as hunting,dining, and sports scenes, I am also creating mosaics of our daily-life scenes, in this case, specifically online activity. Online activity has become a large part of our lives. We get on the internet regularly. Many of us probably have more than couple of alternative online identities to blog, to shop, to pay bills, maybe to meet people, but we rarely disclose our real names. The past phenomena of 'My Space' and 'You Tube' reminds us of our strong desire to reach people, yet we were fearful of revealing our identity. By pixilation and abstraction of the portrait, the work visually expresses the anonymity.