Data Share Still Life Series

Shared digital objects
Still life objects
Digital 3D modeling
Open source software and online resources

These represent the foundations of my current sculptural work.

Many 17th century European still life paintings revealed how the artists lived, or showed their thoughts or the environment they lived in by series of objects that surrounded the artists. Some of these objects possess symbolism, some reflect social, cultural changes in their lives. My work evokes our cultural changes that associate with the current technology. It directly references our accessibility to 3D technology, open source software and online resources. My studio practice reflects these changes.

In the 21st century, I am virtually surrounded by many digital objects. Google 3D warehouse, Thingiverse, Autodesk 123D catch gallery are some examples of online 3D file share sites that I often visit.  I search and collect these digital objects to create my still life compositions in clay.

The wall compositions reference the digital modeling environment such as X Y Z axis, non-gravity environment. The pedestal compositions are more inspired by Dutch Still Life paintings from 17th century. Both of the compositions rely on the outcome of the search engine to bring objects together.